PhotoTime Degree
ThesisCareer prospects
张鹏 Peng ZHANG
MasterStudy on the mixed-conducting membranes for thermal decomposition of carbon dioxideHoneywell, UOP
2吴振涛 Zhentao WU
2001-2006DoctorSynthesis and Property of Mixed Conducting Materials for Oxygen PermeationImperial College London, UK
3程友萍 Youping CHEN
MasterPreparation of carbon-modified TiO2 photocatalysts via combustion method and their visible photocatalytic activity
4陈祎伟 Weiwei CHEN
DoctorPreparation and characterization of polyelectrolytes/ ceramic composite pervaporation membranes圣戈班研发上海有限公司
5华卉 Hui HUA
MasterPreparation and Application of Self-assembled Prussian Blue Modified Electrodes江苏省化工设计院有限公司
6徐玲芳 Lingfang XU
MasterStudy of PDMS/ceramic composite membrane for pervaporation扬子石油化工设计院
7常先锋 Xianfeng CHANG
DoctorPreparation and Oxygen Permeability of Supported Mixed-conducting Dense Oxygen Permeable Membranes江苏省化工设计院有限公司
8张春 Chun ZHANG
DoctorThermal Decomposition of Carbon Dioxide Coupled with POM in a Membrane Reactor江苏久吾高科技股份有限公司
9孙红旗 Hongqi SUN2003-2008DoctorStudy on the Preparation, Characterization and Property of Titania-Based Photocatalytic Materials
Curtin University, Australia
10相里粉娟 Fenjuan XIANGLI
DoctorPreparation of characterization of cross-linked PDMS/ceramic alcohol-permselective composite membrane江苏九天高科技股份有限公司
11何艳君 Yanjun HE
MasterExploitation and Property of Sr(Co, Fe)O3--Base Perovskite-type Mixed Conducting Materials
12张志诚 Zhicheng ZHANG
MasterPreparation and characterization of the high temperature sealant for membrane reactor南京工业大学
13柏源 Yuan BAI
MasterPreparation of Nitrogen-doped Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts and Their Photocatalytic Activity江苏省国电环境研究院
14毛凯 Kai MAO
MasterSeparation of low-concentration ethyl acetate from aqueous solution via pervaporation江苏省产品质量监督检验研究院
15卢长娟 Changjuan LU
MasterThe submerged ceramic membrane reactor for phenol hydroxylation江苏恒瑞医药股份有限公司
16刘钰 Yu LIU
MasterPreparation and Characterization of Electrochemical sensors based on Self-assembled Prussian Blue Modified Electrodes南京工业大学
17侯丹 Dan HOU
MasterSeparation of alcohol/water mixtures by PDMS/ceramic composite membranes辽宁工贸学校
18孙晶晶 Jingjing SUN
MasterPreparation and ultrafiltration application of polyelectrolytes/ceramic composite membranesUniversity of Waterloo
19戚律 Lv QI
MasterPreparation of Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membranes by Dry-Wet Spinning Technique中国石油大学
29董学良 Xueliang DONG2004-2009
DoctorDesigning and Preparation of Mixed Conducting Membrane Materials and Membranes for CH4 and CO2-basedArizona State University
20刘会景 Huijing LIU
MasterPreparation, Modification and Characterization of TiO2 Nanotubes
21朱月馨 Yuexin ZHU
MasterPreparation and characterization of hydrophilic organic/ceramic composite membranes for pervaporation江苏九天高科技股份有限公司
22徐荣 Rong XU
MasterApplication study on PDMS/ceramic composite membrane for sulfur removal from gasolineHiroshima University, Japan
23卫旺 Wang WEI
DoctorDesign, preparation and characterization of polydimethylsiloxane-based hydrophobic material for organophilc pervaporation南京工业大学
24夏珊珊 Shanshan XIA
DoctorStudy on reactive distillation-pervaporation hybrid process for production of ethyl acetate淮安市质检所
25胡耀心 Yaoxin HU
MasterPreparation and application of TiO2/ceramic membrane and metal-organic framework/ceramic membrane屈臣氏中国个人用品商店有限公司
26潘辰 Chen PAN
MasterFerroelectric Metal-Organic Frameworks Materials: Design, Investigation of Properties and preparation of thin film中国石化集团江汉油田
27钱建峰 Jianfeng QIAN
MasterThe effects of Ni–doping on structure and properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5FeO3- mixed-conducting oxygen-permeable materials浙江昱辉阳光能源有限公司
28田世伟 Shiwei TIAN
MasterPreparation of Titania-Based Photocatalysts and Its Application in the Self-Cleaning Coating
30南江普 Jiangpu NAN
DoctorPreparation and Characterizations of Metal-Organic Framework Membranes南京九思高科有限公司
31姜红 Hong JIANG
DoctorFundamental research on the dual ceramic membrane reactors for phenol hydroxylation南京工业大学
32吴金宜 Jinyi WU
MasterPreparation and characterization of poly vinyl alcohol- chitosan (PVA-CS)/ceramic hollow fiber composite membranes for pervaporation扬中市城管局污水处理中心
33汪文进 Wenjin WANG
MasterPreparation adn Chiral Separation of Zinc Containing Homochiral Metal-Organic Framework Membrane中海油常州涂料化工研究院
34张艳男 Yannan ZHANG
MasterInvestigation of Biosensor Based on Prussian Blue and Analogues Modified Electrodes江苏九天高科技股份有限公司
35吕必达 Bida LV2009-2012MasterReactive distillation-pervaporation coupled process for ethyl acetate production灌南县科技局
36刘公平 Gongping LIU2008-2013DoctorThe design, preparation and application of PDMS-based oragnophilic pervaporation membranes南京工业大学
37储震宇 Zhenyu CHU2008-2013DoctorMicro-/Nano-Morphology Based Prussian Blue Biosensors南京工业大学
39孟烈 Lie MENG2008-2013DoctorReaction process intensification based on heterogeneous catalytic membrane reactorArizona State University
39张广儒 Guangru ZHANG2008-2013DoctorDesign and Oxygen Transport Mechanism of Mixed-Conducting Materials南京工业大学
40赵旭红 Xuhong ZHAO2010-2013MasterPreparation and application of PDMS/PVDF flat composite membrane for pervaporation中材国际工程股份有限公司
41姜威 Wei JIANG2010-2013MasterStudy on novel porous-dense dual-layer composite membrane reactors for partial oxidation of methane中国银行常州分行
42李安宁 Anning LI2010-2013MasterPreparation of Titanium dioxide based Self-Cleaning Coating
43娄 玥芸 Yueyun LOU2011-2014MasterPreparation and characterization of ceramic supported grapheme-based composite membrane
44韩 秋 Qiu HAN2011-2014MasterThe Application of PDMS Organophilic Membrane for Recovering Oil Vapor
45刘 丽芳 Lifang LIU2011-2014MasterInvestigation of Biosensor Based on Prussian Blue and Analogues Modified Graphite Electrodes
46董 孜业 Ziye DONG2011-2014MasterPreparation and application of ceramic hollow fiber supported PDMS composite membrane
47郭 洪泽 Hongze GUO2011-2014MasterThe loop dual ceramic membrane reactor for phenol hydroxylation
48任 汝飞 Rufei REN2011-2014MasterPreparation and Characterization of Zinc-Carboxylate Carboxylate System Metal-Organic Framework Membrane
49马 强 Qiang MA2011-2014MasterCFD numerical simulation of dual porous ceramic membrane reactors
50张 凯 Kai ZHANG2011-2014MasterStudy on Multilayer Composite Membrane Reactors for Thermal Decomposition of Carbon Dioxide
51祖 良柱 Liangzhu ZU2011-2014MasterGas-Liquid Mass Transfer Characteristics in Stirred Tanks by Microbubble Aeration
52朱 娜 Na ZHU2009-2014DoctorDesign and preparation of A-site deficiency mixed-conducting membrane and its membrane reactor for hydrogen production
53刘 赛男 Sainan LIU2009-2014DoctorDesign, Preparation, and Application of MOF-based Mixed Matrix MembranesArizona State University
54郭 平春 Pingchun GUO2009-2014DoctorStudy on preparation and functional properties of copper-tetracarboxylate frameworks and its thin film
55刘 郑堃 Zhengkun LIU2007-2014DoctorPreparation and oxygen permeability of asymmetric tubular mixed-conducting dense oxygen permeable membranes南京工业大学
56石 磊 Lei SHI2010-2015DoctorFabrication of Structure-Controllable Functional Films and Their Application in Electrochemical DNA Biosensors
57陈 天瑀 Tianyu CHEN2012-2015MasterPreparation and Characterization of Intrinsic Hydrophobic CeO2-based Porous Membranes
58刘 丹玉 Danyu LIU2012-2015MasterPreparation and Application of PDMS/Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules for Pervaporation
59刘 喻鹏 Yupeng LIU2012-2015MasterBubble Formation and Enhancement of Gas-liquid Mass Transfer using Porous Ceramic Membrane Distributor
60彭 京蒙 Jingmeng PENG2012-2015MasterInvestigation and Preparation of Biosensor Based on Prussian Blue Modified on Screen-Prited Electrodes
61宋 改雪 Gaixue SONG2012-2015MasterStudy on the preparation and characterization of photocatalytic materials based carbon nitride and surface modification
62杭 颖婷 Yingting HANG2012-2015MasterMechanical and Interfacial Adhesion Properties of PDMS Composite Membranes Probed by Nano-indentation Technique
63肖 晨 Chen XIAO2012-2015MasterPreparation and Functionality of Prussian Blue Analogues-Based Proton Conductors and Their Thin Films
64黄康 Kang HUANGhk2011-2016DoctorDesign and Preparation of Membranes dervied from Metal-Organic Frameworks and Graphene OxideImperial College London
65董梦袁 Mengyuan DONGdmy2013-2016MasterPreparation of PDMS Membrane on Inner Surface of Ceramic Tube for Pervaporation
66骈昌红 Changhong PIANpch2013-2016MasterStudy on Oxygen Enrichment Properties of Polydimethylsiloxane /Ceramic Composite Membranes
67吕磊 Lei LV吕磊2013-2016Master
68徐亚旗 Yaqi XUxyq2013-2016MasterFabrication of Prussian Blue/Silver Nanowires Modified Electrodes and Their Application in Biosensors
71李倩倩 Qianqian Li2012-2017DoctorPreparation and Characterization Based on Novel Stability MOFs Mixed Matrix Membranes南京工业大学
69沈国顺 Guoshun Shen2014-2017MasterPreparation and characterization of alkyl chain-functionalized graphene oxide/PDMS mixed matrix membranes阿科玛(常熟)化学有限公司
70李宇开 Yukai Li2014-2017MasterPreparation and Characterization of Poly (ether-block-amide) /Ceramic Hollow Fiber Composite Membranes for Pervaporation苏州银禧科技有限公司
72李琳琳 Linlin Li2014-2017MasterFabrication and Characterization of Biosensor Based on Nanostructured Prussian Blue Modified Electrodes
73张金强 Jinqiang Zhang2014-2017MasterStudy on the recovery of VOCs from its waste stream by PDMS/ceramic composite membrane万华化学集团股份有限公司
74张磊 Lei Zhang2014-2017MasterPreparation of triptycene-based polyae composite membrane and its separation performance
75姜鑫 Xin Jiang2014-2017MasterPreparation and Study on Carbon Dioxide Permeability of Novel Ceramic-Carbonate Multichannel Hollow Fiber
76郭少斌 Shaobin Guo2014-2017MasterEffects of Surface Modification on Oxygen Permeability of Mixed conducting Hollow Fiber Membrane中国石化上海石油化工研究院
77申杰 Jie Shen2013-2018Doctor
78Yasin Orooji2015-2018Doctor
79华茵莹 Yinying Hua2015-2018MasterPreparation and CO2/CH4 Separation Performance of Novel Microporous Materials/Polyimide Mixed Matrix Membrane
80杨朋启 Pengqi Yang2015-2018MasterDesign and Fabrication of Screen-Printed Biosensors Based on Prussian Blue/Sliver Nanocomposites
81罗静宜 Jingyi Luo2015-2018MasterFabrication and Characterization of Electrochemical Biosensor Based on ZnO Nanoarrays
82宋喆 Zhe Song2015-2018MasterOptimized preparation of 4-bore perovskite hollow fiber membrane and construction of membrane reactor
83杨文超 Wenchao Yang2015-2018Master
84陶飞 Fei Tao2015-2018Master