Prof. Wanqin Jin’s paper was awarded the “Chemical Engineering Journal Top Cited Papers”

Updated:10/8/2014   By:Guoshun SHEN

Chemical Engineering Journal Top Cited Papers for 2011 and 2012 was awarded to the authors of Gongping Liu and Wanqin Jin et al. for the paper “Improved performance of PDMS/ceramic composite pervaporation membranes by ZSM-5 homogeneously dispersed in PDMS via a surface graft/coating approach” published in Chemical Engineering Journal, 2011, Volume 174, pp. 495-503 ( The citations of our paper are over 20, which is 7% Top out of the articles published in Chemical Engineering Journal during 2011-2012.
This hot paper proposed a surface graft/coating approach for homogeneously dispersing inorganic particles in polymer to fabricate uniform mixed matrix membranes. It is published in Chemical Engineering Journal as a cover paper. Moreover, this work was cited by Chemical Reviews for the review of transport models for mixed matrix membranes (Chem. Rev. 2013, 113, 4980−5028, ).