Jin Group秋游活动

Updated:12/15/2021   By:Tao Liu

10月30日,秋高气爽,Jin Group在水墨大埝美丽乡村举行了课题组秋游活动,并取得了圆满成功。本次活动一方面希望缓解同学们的科研压力,感受大自然的无穷魅力。另一方面也希望借此机会增加师生交流,加强组内新老成员的联系,从而提高组内的凝聚力,让组内每一位成员都能够感受到Jin Group这个大家庭的幸福与温暖。

下午1时许,Jin Group课题组乘车抵达水墨大埝美丽乡村开始了本次秋游活动。首先由同学们自行组队,在草地上一起玩桌游,谈笑之余也欣赏了秋日美景。紧接着,同学们共同前往大草坪开展了本次活动最激动人心的团队游戏。在一年级新同学们有条不紊的组织下,同学们兴致勃勃地进行了当下流行的一系列团队游戏:撕名牌、123木头人、拔河、你画我猜……各团队成员之间配合默契、场面欢快而又激烈、同学们表情之间皆是欢悦,引得场下观众连声叫好。组内的摄影师们用相机定格下这些精彩而又愉快的瞬间。


On October 30th, Jin Group held an autumn outing in the beautiful village of Ink dam and achieved a complete success.On the one hand, this activity hopes to relieve students’ pressure of scientific research and feel the infinite charm of nature.On the other hand, We also hope to take this opportunity to increase the communication between teachers and students, strengthen the connection between students and freshmen of the Group, so as to improve the cohesion of the Group, so that every member can feel the happiness and warmth of Jin Group.

At 1:00 PM, Jin Group arrived at the beautiful village of Ink dam and started this autumn outing.First of all, the students formed their own teams and played team games together on the grass. They also enjoyed the beautiful autumn scenery while chatting and laughing.Then, the students went to the lawn to play the most exciting team games.With the orderly organization of freshmen,students carried out a series of popular team games cheerfully: tear brand, 123 wooden people, tug-of-war, you draw then I guess and so on.The team members cooperated well, the scene was cheerful and intense,and the expression of the students was joyful, which made the audience applaud.The photographers used their cameras to capture these wonderful and delightful moments:

In this autumn outing, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of autumn and felt the breath of nature,relieved the pressure in scientific research and shortened the distance between the members of the research group.In addition to the intense and heavy scientific research, we need to learn to adjust and relax ourselves, and the significance of this autumn trip lies in this.