Breakthrough news: Artificial channels for confined mass transport at the sub-nanometre scale has been published in Nature Reviews Materials!

Updated:1/22/2021   By:Bowen Shen

Jin’s group has recently published a review paper “Artificial channels for confined mass transport at the sub-nanometre scale” in Nature Reviews Materials ( Full Article , Supporting

Over the past decade, materials with nanochannels that selectively transport gases, liquids and ions at a sub-nanometre (sub-nm) scale, have received considerable attention from both academia and industry. Such materials exhibit unique properties that find numerous applications in key areas including catalysis, energy storage and conversion, molecular separation, and bio/chemical sensors. However, their practical applications have continuously faced challenges with respect to efficiency, stability and scalability.

In this review, we present a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art research on artificial channels in the platforms of well-defined nanopores, 1D nanotubes, and 2D nanochannels, and discuss their design principles, microstructure, and fabrication. We focus on fundamental mechanisms of sub-nm confined mass-transport and their relationships with the structure–property–performance. We then present the practicalities of these channels and discuss their potential impact on the development of next-generation sustainable technologies for use in applications related to energy, the environment and healthcare.

南京工业大学金万勤教授团队受邀在国际顶尖学术期刊Nature Reviews Materials上发表题为“Artificial channels for confined mass transport at the sub-nanometre scale”的综述文章(。