Postdoctoral Positions at Professor Wanqin Jin’s Laboratory of Nanjing Tech University

Updated:7/9/2020   By:wtl

Our laboratory is looking for 2-3 postdoctoral fellows according to the needs of scientific research projects,the postdoctoral Positions will be supervised by Professor Wanqin Jin in Nanjing Tech University.

Professor Wanqin Jin is currently the Director of State Key Lab of Material-Oriented Chemical Engineering (MCE), Fellow of Royal society of chemistry (RSC), Editor of Journal of Membrane Science. Dr Jin is an expert in the field of advanced separations, with a research focus on membrane technology for sustainable energy and environmental issues. He specializes in designing mixed-conducting membranes for oxygen transport and related membrane reactors, and development of novel membranes such as two-dimensional-material membranes and organic-inorganic composite membranes for molecular separations (e.g., water desalination, pervaporation, gas separation). He is also interested in thin films biosensors for healthcare. He has published over 300 papers (including Nature, Nature Commun. Adv. Mater. J. Membr. Sci., AIChE J. et al.) which were cited more than 14,000 times. He also published 2 monographs and hold more than 40 patents. Dr Jin was recognized by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) “Underwood Medal” for his leading research in the area of separation in 2019.

Research areas: polymer/ceramic composite membrane, two-dimensional material membrane, mixed matrix membrane, ion separation, pervaporation, gas separation, mixed conductor membrane (oxygen and hydrogen permeable membrane), heterogeneous catalysis (catalyst membrane reactor, electrocatalysis and thermal catalysis), nanomaterial biosensors, etc.



1, Engaged in the research of industrial catalysis, biomedicine, molecular scale separation membrane, etc.

2, Have certain academic achievements or research potential

3, Have good writing skills in English

4, Fresh PhD graduates



With an annual salary of 310,000 yuan, excellent post-doctoral candidates can be directly appointed to formal teaching posts, especially excellent ones can be appointed as professors (researchers), and enjoy the corresponding talent introduction treatment. Specific information can be found:


Application materials:

1, CV

2, Copy of education and degree certificate

3, 1-3 representative publications and the abstract of doctoral dissertation

4, Other relevant materials that can prove your knowledge or ability


If you are interested in joining us, please send the above materials to email: [email protected].