Jin group attended CCOM2019 in Beijing

Updated:11/24/2019   By:wtl

During October 26-29 2019, Prof. Wanqin JIN, Prof. Gongping LIU, A/Prof. Zhenyu CHU, Postdoc Ying XIE and Master student Weijia XU attended the 10th China Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes (CCOM2019) held in Beijing Conference Center. Prof. Wanqin JIN was invited to give a plenary lecture of “Research progress of Membrane Separation based on Confined Mass Transfer”. Prof. Jin briefly reviewed the most recent work in fabrication and transport model of membranes with confined mass transfer effect. Prof. Gongping LIU gave an invited lecture of “2D-materials membrane for gas separation”. It presents our recent progress in developing GO- and MXene- based membranes for separation of H2/gas and CO2/gas mixtures. A/Prof. Zhenyu CHU presented an invited lecture of “Biosensor based on regular nanomaterials”. It presents our recent work about the regulation strategies of novel nanomaterials and blood separation membrane which can synchronously achieve serum extracting and physiological index biosensing.