Prof. Wanqin JIN and his students attended AMS 12 conference

Updated:7/13/2019   By:wtl

During July 1~6 2019, Prof. Wanqin JIN, associate Prof. Haoli ZHOU, Ph.D. candidates (Feng LIANG, Yangyang MAO, Chuanxin ZONG) and master candidate (Ke NING) attented the 12th Conference of the Aseanian Membrane Society. Prof. Wanqin JIN was invited to give an invited lecture of “Design and Preparation of Ceramic-supported Composite Membranes for Pervaporation”. As the committee member of AMS, Prof. Wanqin JIN attended the council at noon on July 3. In addition, Prof. Wanqin JIN participated in judging the poster presentation at the evening of July 3 and 4. Associate Prof. Haoli ZHOU presented his work about “Highly Permeable Network Microporous Polyamide Membrane with Molecular Sieving Separation of Nitrogen from Volatile Organic Compounds” as oral program.

Master candidate Ke NING and Ph.D. candidate Feng LIANG gave the oral and poster reports on “Fabrication of Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-δ-SrCo0.9Nb0.1O3-δ Dual-phase Hollow Fiber Membrane” and “Ultrafast Water-selective Permeation through Graphene Oxide Membrane with Water Transport Promoters” respectively. Ph.D. candidates Chuanxin ZONG and Yangyang MAO also had heated discussions with related experts by displaying their poster work of “Study on Membrane Performance in Vapor Permeation of VOC/N2 Mixtures via Modified Constant Volume/Variable Pressure Method” and “Imidazole-quartet Water Channel Embedded GO Membrane with Enhanced Solvent Dehydration Properties”. More importantly, both of Ke NING and Feng LIANG received the honor of “Best Student Oral Presentation Award” and “Best Student Poster Presentation Award” respectively. Congratulations to them!