Our breakthrough on surface-charged graphene oxide membrane has been published in Nature Communications

Updated:5/6/2019   By:wtl

Recently, PhD candidate Mengchen Zhang has published a new paper “Controllable ion transport by surface-charged graphene oxide membrane” in Nature Communications (https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-09286-8), representing a further step towards graphene-based membrane. This work demonstrates a methodology for manipulation of surface charge to realize controllable ion transport through a graphene oxide membrane, in which desirable electrostatic interactions with charged ions are finely tailored to achieve remarkable enhancement of typical AB2 or A2B type salt rejections. This approach of tuning surface charges to control ion transport establishes a platform that could be of interest in a variety of applications such as water transport, studies of biomimetic ion channels and biosensors, ion batteries and energy conversions.