Academic communication with Prof. Guo’s group in East China University of Science and Technology

Updated:4/19/2019   By:wtl

On April 17 2019, Prof. Jin and all the other faculty members in the group went to East China University of Science and Technology and had an academic communication with Prof. Xuhong Guo’s group. Most of the members in Prof. Guo’s group attended the meeting. Four Associate Professors in Prof. Jin group gave reports to present our works about mixed conducting membrane, organic-inorganic composite membrane, volatile organic compounds/nitrogen mixture separation, biosensing materials and instrument. Some professors and PhD candidates in Prof. Guo’s group introduced their research progresses about polyelectrolyte assembly, supramolecular assembly, novel nanomaterial-synthesis method and the applications of their nanomaterials in protein separation/detection, pollutant adsorption, targeted drug, smart window etc. The participants from two groups carried out in-depth discussion and proposed many valuable suggestions. After the communication, Prof. Guo organized a lab visiting activity.

Prof. Guo gave the opening remark to express warm welcome and sincere greetings.

Prof. Jin gave an overview introduction of the membrane research works in the group.

Members of Prof. Jin’s Group present their works in the meeting. In sequence, they are Guangru Zhang, Gongping Liu, Haoli Zhou and Zhenyu Chu, respectively.

Some of the reports from Prof. Guo’s Group members. In sequence, they are Junyou Wang and Yiming Wang, respectively.

Group photo of faculty members in Prof. Jin’s and Prof. Guo’s groups