China-UK Researchers Links Workshop (MEEA2018) organized by Jin Group.

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From Oct 15-Oct 17 2018, the 2018 China-UK Researcher Links Workshop on membranes for energy and environmental applications (MEEA2018) was held in Nanjing, China. Prof. Wanqin Jin and Prof. Ian Metcalfe of Newcastle University, UK, coordinated the workshop. This conference is supported by The National Natural Science Fund and Newton Fund.


Four mentors and about 30 scholars from Nanjing Tech University, Newcastle University, Imperial College London, South China University of technology, University of Bath, Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology and other 16 universities of UK and China attended this workshop. There are introductions of membrane activities in UK, China and 26 oral presentations, a lab tour and a membrane industry park tour during the three days’ workshop.


On Oct 15, Prof. Jin gave the opening remark during the opening ceremony. In addition, Prof. Jin gave an introduction of membrane activities in China. At the opening ceremony, Prof Ian Metcalfe gave an introduction of membrane activities in UK. Prof. Kang Li, Prof. Haihui Wang, Prof. Davide Mattia and Prof. Heqing Jiang gave brief introduction of their groups’ work. Associate Prof. Guangru Zhang, as chair of the Organizing Committee, was responsible for the major organization work of this workshop.


Many students of Nanjing Tech University and all the group members attended the conference. Associate Prof. Gongping Liu gave a talk entitled “Metal-Organic Framework Mixed-Matrix Membranes for Gas Separation”. Associate Prof. Haoli Zhou gave a talk entitled “Molecular Separation of Nitrogen and Volatile Organic Compounds via Microporous Polymer Membrane”. Lecture. Jing Zhao gave a talk entitled “Ultrathin Membranes Based on Single-Layer Graphene and Laminar Graphene Oxide for Molecular Separation”. Associate Prof. Guangru Zhang gave a talk entitled “Design, Fabrication and Applications of Dense Ceramic Catalytic Membrane Reactors”.


In addition, some students of Jin’s group participated in this conference acting as volunteers, they dedicated themselves into the conference affairs and made great contribution to the success of the conference.

Prof. Jin gave opening remark in the opening ceremony of MEEA2018

Prof. Ian gave opening remark in the opening ceremony of MEEA2018

Prof. Jin’ Group Members presents their works in MEEA2018. In sequence, they are Mr. Guangru Zhang Mr. Gongping Liu, Mr. Haoli Zhou, Mrs Jing Zhao, respectively.

Group photo of all the participants

Mentors, organizing committees and Volunteers of Prof. Jin’s Group in MEEA 2018