Prof. Jin and his research group members attended ICIM 2018 in Dresden

Updated:7/24/2018   By:wtl

Prof. Jin and his research group members attended the 15th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM2018) in Dresden during 18 June to 22 June. Prof Jin gave a keynote speech of “Two-dimensional-material membranes for molecular and ionic separation”. He gave an overview of recent progresses on 2D-material membranes for molecular separation. in his group.

In addition, Dr. Guangru Zhang, Dr. Zhengkun Liu gave oral presentations of “Perovskite membranes with enhanced stability by atomic layer deposition of metal oxide nanofilm” ,“One-step thermal processing of high-performance perovskite hollow fibers” respectively.

Ph.D. student Tianlei Wang took part in the PhD speech competition with his presentation“Effects of polymer binders on oxygen separation performance of the perovskite type hollow fiber membranes”