Prof. Jin and his research group members attended ICOM 2017 in San Francisco

Updated:8/15/2017   By:Kecheng Guan

Prof. Jin and his research group members attended the 11th International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes (ICOM 2017) in San Francisco during 29 July to 4 August. Prof. Jin was invited to attend the USA alumni association of Nanjing Tech University meeting. He gave a lecture of “Design, fabrication and applications of ceramic-supported composite membranes”. He reviewed recent progresses in ceramic-supported composite membranes in his group. Prof. Jin also gave an introduction of “Research activities of China” in the section of Aseanian Membrane Society. He introduced Chinese leading membrane research institutes, fast development of membrane research, and large membrane market in China. He also talked about opportunities and challenges in membrane science and technology in the future.
In addition, Dr. Guangru Zhang and Ph.D. student Mengchen Zhang gave oral presentations of “One-step therma processing of perovskite hollow fibers with precisely controlled cation stoichiometry” and “Graphene oxide membranes on inner surface of ceramic tubes for efficient water purification”, respectively. Ph.D. students Kecheng Guan, Jianwei Yuan and Yufan Ji gave poster reports on “Nanoporous crystals embedded graphene membrane for water purification”, “ZIF-300 MOFs mixed matrix membranes for efficient CO2 capture” and “Fabrication of ultrathin film composite membranes via incorporating dual-layer support”, respectively.