Ph.D candidate Jiawei Zhu’s work on perovskite hollow fiber has been published in Advanced Materials

Updated:3/22/2017   By:Guoshun SHEN

Recently, PhD candidate Jiawei Zhu has published a new paper “Perovskite Hollow Fibers with Precisely Controlled Cation Stoichiometry via One-step Thermal Processing” in Advanced Materials (DOI: 10.1002/adma.201606377) reporting an unprecedented approach for the efficient production of high performance perovskite hollow fibers (HFs). In contrast to traditional production methods, this approach directly uses earth-abundant raw chemicals in a single thermal process, showing its great predominance in saving time (~50%) and energy (~50%) and achieving no pollutant emissions, precisely controlling the cation stoichiometry, optimizing sintering, and creating high-performance perovskite HFs. Overall, overturning the traditional production view, this approach could lead to energy efficient, solid-state devices for industrial application in energy and environmental fields.

Just like the referees commented: “This work is innovative, demonstrating for the first time that perovskite hollow fibres can be prepared with fewer steps than the conventional preparation methods used in the last 15 years.” “The authors made a genius contribution to simplify the hollow fiber membrane preparation process by combining the perovskite oxide phase formation and membrane densification in one step.”