Prof. Jin’s group publishes a paper “Graphene-based Membranes” in Chemical Society Reviews

Updated:5/19/2015   By:Guoshun SHEN

In view of our latest groundbreaking research on graphene membranes and films, Prof. Jin’s group recently publishes a review paper “Graphene-based Membranes” in Chemical Society Reviews (DOI: 10.1039/C4CS00423J, 2015. Impact factor: 30.425)( As the first comprehensive review in graphene-based separation membranes, this article aims to present the latest advances in both the theoretical and experimental chemical science and engineering of graphene-based membranes, including their design, fabrication and application.

Just like the referee commented: “This is a critical and general tutorial review of an important and timely subject that has to do with graphene-based membranes. The authors have published high-quality papers recently on the subject, reporting experimental results based on this area. Overall, this is an insightful review, and this paper deserves to be published in a high quality magazine like Chemical Society Reviews. It will be very useful both for all working in the fields of graphenes and membranes and for a wider audience wanted to be informed about these fields.”G