Mark Beals from MIT visited our lab

Updated:3/19/2015   By:Guoshun SHEN

On March 13, 2015, Mark Beals, the Associate Director of Research for Materials Processing Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), visited our lab and discussed with us on the recent progresses and potential collaboration in the fields of graphene-based membranes and biosensor films.


Brief introduction of Mark Beals

Mark Beals is the Associate Director of Research for the MIT Materials Processing and Microphotonics Centers. He is responsible for program management of sponsored research programs in the Center and is actively engaged in the research and development of integrated photonic devices and circuits using silicon substrates and solid state solar thermal electric materials and devices. Most recently he was responsible for developing the CMOS process integration flow for the BAE/MIT/Bell Labs AS-EPIC DARPA program. Prior to joining MIT in 2000, Beals was Senior Director, Dielectrics System Product Division at Applied Materials where he was responsible for product development, technology roadmapping and marketing of dielectric CVD process systems for the semiconductor industry. During his career Beals has developed plasma-enhanced reactive ion etching and deposition processes for silicon integrated circuits in CMOS and the processing systems for their fabrication.